Supporting Underserved Communities Through the Power of Food

Monday 8 May 2023

Training Teachers to Teach Food Preparation Skills for Sustainable Livelihoods




When faced with financial difficulties, many people turn to home cooking to save money and provide nutritious meals for their families, creating a demand for affordable homemade food products that can be provided by the small local community.


Working with food can provide employment opportunities for people with a wide range of skills and abilities. From chefs and food truck operators to farmers and food processors, there are many different jobs in the food industry that can help support local economies and provide dignified work options for marginalized communities.


It’s no secret that Lebanon has been facing one of the hardest economic times of its history, leaving many communities with very limited access to resources.




Investing in vocational and technical education in the food preparation sector is one of the most efficient ways to promote economic growth and support local communities, especially in times of hardship.



Driven by this belief, the EU-funded GIZ-implemented VTE4all project and INMAA organization, in partnership with the Directorate General of Vocational and Technical Education (DGVTE), implemented and conducted a successful three-week training at the Kobayat Technical Institute.

Six teachers from three TVET schools in Akkar & Halba Technical Institute- Akkar, Sheikh Mohamad Yaacoub Technical Institute- Baalbek, and Kobayat Technical Institute), acquired professional skills in different areas of food preparation covering chemical, mechanical, frying, roasting, microwaving, and cooking techniques.



These teachers are now providing their students with similar practical training courses at their respective institutes, creating a ripple effect of sustainable livelihoods for under-resourced communities in Lebanon.

GIZ is committed to strengthening underserved communities in Lebanon through long-term solutions for them to build their own futures. The Food Preparation training is just one of the many initiatives undertaken to achieve this goal. 

Changing the world, one bite at a time…






The Vocational and Technical Education for All in Lebanon (VTE4all) is a project financed by the European Union and implemented by GIZ International Services. Its main objective is to enhance the capacities of vulnerable individuals in Lebanon to pursue decent livelihood pathways through improved access to quality Technical and Vocational Education and Training.



“Sustainable Social Protection and Livelihood Solutions for Severely Vulnerable Households in Lebanon” is a European Union funded project implemented by INMAA consortium, composed of four partners (LOST, Akkarouna, Plan International and Save the Children - Lead) aimed at ensuring severely vulnerable households in Lebanon are more self-reliant and less dependent on social assistance. This is achieved through social protection; Livelihoods promotion; Financial inclusion and social empowerment.