Child Rights Governance

Save the Children places a great importance on encouraging children and young people to speak up about their rights, delivering a message to those who have the power to change. We partnered with civil society organisations to build the capacity of municipal councils and Palestinian Popular Committees to adopt child rights friendly practices and policies.

Through the Child Led Data Collection methodology, over 200 children and young people in Lebanon were able to identify child rights violations and challenges that directly relate to fears and concerns in their life. Around 2,500 children shared dreams and hopes about their need for better healthcare, education, security and safety. A list of demands was later taken to local municipalities to demand an instant action.

Moreover, Save the Children cooperated with Manara, a network of 10 civil society organisations from a number of Arab countries aiming to amplify have children’s voices and make them heard on the national, regional and global level. Child-led data collection was also conducted and the findings were highlighted in national and regional events gathering stakeholders who emphasized on the importance of child participation in decision-making process. 

• The second project aims to strengthen children and youth’s voices by giving them simple and powerful advocacy tools concerning their rights, on a national, regional and global level. Our goal is to advocate for the effective development, implementation, and enforcement of regional and national child rights strategies and legislations through monitoring, reporting, capacity building and the empowerment of children and youth.


Our implementing partners for this project are the NGOs under the umbrella of the Arab Network of Child Rights (Manara network).The network consists of 11 NGOs working on children’s rights in 9 Arab countries:4

- Nabaa (Lebanon)

- Alef (Lebanon)

- Defense for Children International (Palestine)

- MIZAN (Jordan)

- ICRN (Iraq)

- SOUL (Yemen)

- Democracy School (Yemen)

- ECCR (Egypt)

- NADA (Algeria)

- AMAL (Tunisia)

- BAYTI (Morocco)

The Main activities conducted under the CRG sector in Lebanon and the MENA Region are:

- Child led data collection: Children between the ages of 14 and 18 collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data on child rights, and use their findings to highlight child rights violations.

- Advocacy: In Lebanon, children advocate to have budget allocations for children and children councils. In the MENA region, they advocate for the enactment of child related laws and for ending violence against children at school and at home.

- Monitoring the Convention on the Rights of the Child: Save the Children’s partners in the MENA region produce alternative reports using a child participatory approach.

- Building the capacity of civil society partners: Training and capacity building for partners are conducted regularly in order to ensure quality programming.

- Building the capacity of children and municipalities: Our partners train children on communication and advocacy skills. In Lebanon, they also train municipalities on the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Child Rights Programming to ensure the implementation of child friendly activities.