Water Sanitation and Hygiene

To improve the health conditions for families, we implement WASH upgrades in substandard buildings. In addition, we deliver household and community hygiene-promotion sessions.

Save the Children also implements community support projects in vulnerable locations all over Lebanon, including infrastructure rehabilitation, upgrade of water transmission lines, construction of water tanks and rehabilitation of pumping stations as well as building chlorination systems in vulnerable communities. Beneficiaries of these projects are from Lebanese host communities as well as Syrian refugees.

In public schools, we implement rehabilitation works for bathroom including equipping them with needed accessories. 

Nidal now has access to clean water

Currently Save the Children is implementing several WASH projects in Bekaa, Tripoli and Akkar. The projects seek to meet the critical water, sanitation and hygiene needs for all communities. The activities will help eliminating the risk of contracting WASH-related diseases, especially among children, and will also contribute to improved living conditions of refugees and host populations.

WASH activities aim to support vulnerable Syrian refugees and Lebanese families through:

-  Providing emergency water and sanitation support in the targeted temporary settlements together with maintaining and upgrading water and sanitation/plumbing systems in substandard buildings

- Promoting good hygiene practices with the distribution of personal and household hygiene and baby hygiene kits

- Supporting the targeted municipalities by installing water establishments and strengthening their capacity to address the immediate, medium and long term water and sanitation needs of the targeted communities through the implementation of water and sanitation projects together with hygiene promotion activities