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Save the Children is an agent for change and part of a global movement for children. As a member of the international NGO community, we support the development of a strong independent civil society working to promote the best interests of children. To fulfil our aspirations of innovation and achieving results at scale, we must continuously identify partners and build appropriate relationships and networks for programming, policy, advocacy and campaigns. Our history of global Save the Children co-operation reflects that belief. 

Around the world, Save the Children has over 900 partners. Together, we create opportunites, innovate new solutions, and dedicate our efforts for child rights.

In Lebanon, Save the Children’s new partnership system (BAB) will give our partners a bigger role in the design and delivery of our programmes. The ultimate goal is to provide and exchange technical expertise and help our partners transform their knowledge and experience into long-term growth for their organisations. This will go towards sustaining our actions and furthering our mission to help the most vulnerable children in getting their fundamental rights.


1- Value driven and empowering relationships

2- Transparency and accountability

3- Mutual benefit

If your organisation shares Save the Children's values and mission, you can submit a partnership application via the Partnership Application.

Partnership Application in Arabic - طلب شراكة و تعاون 

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