Child Protection

Save the Children prioritises the protection of children, through working with communities and caregivers to prevent risks that threaten children's wellbeing, including mental and psychological stress, neglect, violence, abuse, or negative coping tactics such as child labour, child marriage.

Save the Children responds to those risks through activities and individual case management. Our centres provide psychosocial support and recreational activities for children in safe spaces where children can share their experiences and talk about concerns. Save the Children empowers partners and beneficiaries to build community-based mechanisms where they are trained to monitor child protection cases. Community members are also trained on safe identification and referral. 

In all responses, the needs of the most vulnerable children, including adolescent girls, children with disaibilities, separated children, and those engaged in harmful forms of children labour are prioritised. We work to create a protective environment for boys and girls and support Social Development Centres to reach the heart of at-risk communities.