Livelihood and Social Protection

Our livelihoods interventions help people build their skills, find jobs, and become more financially secure. We work with communities and authorities, families, youth girls and boys, and small businesses to transform temporary opportunities into sustainable outcomes, and provide tailored livelihood counselling in order that participants can set and achieve their personal development goals.

Through entrepreneurship programming, we provide comprehensive life skills coaching for youth, people with disabilities, and micro, small, and medium-sized business owners to build their skills and create business plans that advance their careers. Youth come to our centres to learn languages, 21st century digital skills, and how to become a competitive jobseeker. Businesses are supported to scale up, understand risk, establish new markets, and create a solid and diversified budget for improved economic resilience. 

As Lebanon grapples with an economic crisis and a COVID-19 recession, we provide the most vulnerable families with cash grants that help them respond to the immediate and urgent basic needs of their children. All our interventions put the interest of the child at the forefront, and our social protection programming and integrated approaches innovate solutions that promote families’ economic security and actively prevent child labor. Engagement with employers focuses on child-sensitive decent work through adapting Child Rights Business Principles.

On a national level, Save the Children works with partners and ministries to build evidenced-based and transparent social protection programs which promote inter-generational economic security.