Thursday 30 March 2023




Meet Haya, Mayyada, and Lea - three dedicated teachers who are making a difference in the lives of their students. The teachers all work under the project that supports “The right to quality education for vulnerable children and youth”, funded by the European Union and implemented by Haqqi consortium composed of four partners (Save the Children - Lead, NRC, MAPS and Nabad).  The project aims to improve education pathways and well-being for vulnerable children and youth.


With a shared love for teaching and a commitment to helping children reach their full potential through education, Haya, Mayyada, and Lea are inspiring change and making a positive impact in their communities.



Haya: The important role of teachers in the society 


“As teachers, we play a critical role in the society.  

We are caring, and always patient when we teach, so we can help students understand and get excited about learning new things." 

" Teaching brings me great joy because I love to share knowledge with my students. I also love being a positive influence in their lives. Witnessing their reactions and seeing the impact I have on them is incredibly rewarding."

"I use lots of fun and interesting ways to teach my students. I might share a story, play a song, act out scenes to help them learn better, or vary the tone of my voice to communicate the material effectively.”


Lea: An emotionally rewarding job 


About teaching: “I love it! It’s something that I like to do. It’s a beautiful feeling specially that we’re teaching children who are unable to attend schools.” 

About the challenges: "Despite all the challenges, at the end of the day you feel that you’re doing something very important. I do it out of passion. With all the challenges that come with it, it gives me a purpose in life. "

Message to other teachers: "Keep up the good work, even though the environment is not helping with this. We appreciate what you’re doing.”  


Mayyada: A shared responsibility with parents




"I am happy to be close to the students and to be able to help them."

"We are teaching them [students] many things related to personal hygiene and other important topics. However, it is crucial that parents take part in this as well so we can reach a good result."



Students' Quotes


"My teachers have taught me theArabic and English alphabet, as well as how to count. I enjoy going to school because my teachers engage us in a variety of fun activities."

“Playing with cubes, learning new information, and making new friends are some of the things I love about school. My teachers make learning fun.”

"We’re happy to come to school. We enjoy learning and studying here. School is nice!"