World Youth Skills Day Empowering Youth Through Skills: Hadeel's Inspiring Journey

Saturday 15 July 2023



On World Youth Skills Day, we are thrilled to share the incredible success story of Hadeel (18- years-old), a passionate fashion design enthusiast who discovered her true calling at a young age.

Hadeel's journey highlights the importance of nurturing talent, equipping youth with essential skills, and providing opportunities for them to pursue their dreams. Let us delve into the inspiring journey of how Hadeel transformed her passion for fashion into a promising career.


The Pursuit of Fashion Design

Hadeel, 18-years-old, has always had a love for fashion design. This ignited a desire for her to learn and explore the industry. Recognizing the need to acquire professional skills, she enrolled in a renowned Lebanese fashion design institute at the age of 16. With determination, she dedicated an entire year to learning the fundamentals of fashion design. Under the mentorship of experts, she improved her skills in pattern-making, sewing techniques, and garment construction.

"From a young age, I transformed my mother's scarves into something new. Everything inspires me to create a new design. Looking at the sea, buildings, or people’s faces give me more ideas for fashion designs. I fought against social expectations, and I persevered because this was my childhood dream."

“My tutor at the fashion house used to tell me that I have a very unique vision and I will reach places in the future.”

Fueled by her passion, Hadeel spared no effort to ensure she had the necessary tools and materials to begin her journey as a fashion designer. She invested in essential equipment, rulers, mannequins, and other supplies. Her commitment and preparation laid a solid foundation for her future success.




Discovering Save the Children’s Support for Youth

In 2023, Hadeel came across Save the Children's  (SCI) center in Khalde and her life took a positive turn. Hadeel was inspired by the success of a friend who was able to secure an accounting job after completing some courses with Save the Children. Hadeel eagerly enrolled in the courses provided by the Food, Security, and Livelihood Programme (FSL) at SCI Lebanon.

Hadeel attended the life skills, English language – 3 levels, digital literacy, and job seeking courses. Save the Children's life skills courses played a crucial role in shaping Hadeel's professional growth. Through these courses, she acquired valuable skills in client management, effective communication, and networking." I learned how to navigate challenging situations and gained confidence in both my personal and professional life. I also learned how to network, deal with clients and present my ideas professionally, which has been crucial in establishing myself as a successful designer.” Hadeel explains excitedly.

Recognizing the importance of financial management, Hadeel embraced the digital literacy courses offered by Save the Children. Through these courses, she acquired the skills to make accurate budget calculations, ensuring the financial resources of her future business ventures. "Learning Word and Excel was a game-changer for me. I gained essential skills in budget calculations and document creation that have been crucial in managing my finances and organizing my work effectively,” says Hadeel.

Additionally, Hadeel enrolled in the  English courses, delivered by a dedicated teacher from the American Learning Center. These classes expanded her vocabulary and improved her communication skills. “The English course opened a whole new world of opportunities for me. I went from not knowing English at all to expanding my vocabulary, improving my communication skills, and being able to connect with a broader audience."

Hadeel also learned how to create professional CVs, showcasing her skills and experiences effectively. Through gaining these practical skills, she was well-equipped to seize opportunities in the job market.


Student to Entrepreneur

As Hadeel's skills and confidence soared, she received exciting news – she had been selected for Save the Children’s entrepreneurship program that started in July. This program will provide her with the necessary entrepreneurship mindset, knowledge and guidance required to launch her own fashion design business to embark on her own fashion design business. Hadeel eagerly awaits this invaluable opportunity to learn the steps of running a successful project and employing innovation in her designs. “I will take each information provided in this course to apply and invest in my own business. I will create a tangible plan to reach more clients and expand my work,” says Hadeel.

Hadeel's story exemplifies the transformative power of passion, education and holistic support. Save the Children's commitment to equipping youth with essential skills and fostering creativity has played a vital role in supporting Hadeel's remarkable achievements. As she continues to thrive in her fashion design career, Hadeel serves as an inspiration to countless young individuals, proving that with the right opportunities and support, dreams can be turned into reality. On World Youth Skills Day, let us celebrate Hadeel's success and renew our commitment to empowering youth worldwide, enabling them to reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

This project was made possible by the funding from the the DUTCH - MoFA.