Mobile Library Spreads the Love of Reading

Thursday 26 May 2016

Mobile Library reaches out to children across the North

The joy of reading is extended, and is visible on the eager faces of children. Eyes widen with every turn of a page. Concentration becomes more intense.

The World around Us, Me and My Brother, Inventions and Discoveries and the World of Animals are only a few book titles that can be seen on the shelves of the Mobile Library, organised by Save the Children Lebanon.

Funded by UNHCR and implemented by the Education department at Save the Children’s North office, the Mobile Library aims to promote the importance of education and allow children- particularly those who never attended school- to access a wide range of reading materials.

The bookmobile will reach 84 villages in Akkar and 102 others in Tripoli, engaging kids in activities that boost their knowledge and spark in them passion for reading.

‘’Our Mobile Library tours different areas of the North to attract children and add to their sources of knowledge,’’ saidSafaa El-Arid, Education Assistant at Save the Children Lebanon.

‘’Our goals are educational and cultural. We aim to allow them to read about different subjects and learn more. It is an encyclopaedia from which the child can choose any title he or she likes.’’

Divided into age groups, children are helped to pick their favourite book or story. Younger kids gather to hear the story of an ancient hero or a beautiful princess. Another group, between 3-5 years, are handed colour books and crayons to draw and paint.

Shadi*, who attends one of Save the Children’s non-formal education classes, pored over the Story of Discoveries, before marvelling at the amount of new things he learned about.

‘’I chose a science book. I learned how they discovered fire,’’ said the 14-years-old.

‘’Early humans used stones to spark fire. I also read about car manufacturing. I found it new and amazing because I never knew about that before.

‘’I like to learn how big industries work. It is useful.’’

The reading session is followed by LEGO learning activities, during which kids put their ideas into shapes. The Education team has also tested the use of educational videos to entertain children while also educating them.

The project may have just started, but the high turnout of children indicates that the summer will be a promising time for young readers.

‘’The children liked the activities,’’ said Lena Pamboukian, Education Assistant at Save the Children Lebanon.

‘’We are happy with the success and hopefully we will expand to include more areas in the future.

‘’The books tell them about the importance of school and the goals they can set in their life.’’

The Mobile Library leaves the village to another having educated, entertained, and, most significantly, planted a seed.


*Names have been changed for protection purposes