Photo Story: Syrian Refugee Children Scavenge for Food

Thursday 5 February 2015

Syrian refugee women and children working in the fields, harvesting potatoes in a farm earning four dollars a day in Bekaa -Lebanon



At the end of the work day, the landlord makes sure that all the harvested potatoes are loaded in the truck to be shipped to the market.


Once the truck leaves the farm, Syrian refugee children living in a close-by informal settlement grab plastic bags and run to the farm to scavenge for any potatoes left behind In the field


Syrian refugee children living in a close-by informal settlement hold their plastic bags and try to spot leftover potatoes.


Syrian refugee children look out for the landlord while they collect potatoes that have been missed during harvest.


A Syrian refugee child grabs the smallest spud, as it still makes a big difference on his family’s dinner plate.


He makes sure no one catches him while scavenging for food in the field.


His friend holds a potato in one hand and reaches to grab another.


The child holds tight to a slightly larger potato in comparison to his friends’ findings.


A young girl fills her plastic bag with potatoes or anything that looks remotely like a potato; she mistakenly included a rock covered in dirt.


A Syrian refugee child focuses all her energy in finding the largest number of potatoes before the landlord returns to his field.


The children return to their tents in an informal settlement in Bekaa carrying the fruits of their scavenge hunt.