application/pdfوجهات نظر عن الإغلاق الكاملوجهات نظر عن الإغلاق الكامل29/05/2020186KB
application/pdfبيان صحفي: أكثر من نصف مليون طفلٍ في بيروت مهددون في بيروت الكبرى يعيش 910,000 شخصًا منهم 564,000 طفلاً وطفلةً مهددين بالوصول تحت خط البقاء على قيد الحياة. لذلك تعتبر جمعية إنقاذ الطفل أن هذه الأرقام قد تكون مؤشرات أوليّة لأزمة أكبر تجعل العائلات في جميع أنحاء لبنان تكافح للتأقلم مع ارتفاع أسعار المواد الغذائيّة، والإيجار، والاحتياجات الأساسيّة الأخرى.30/07/2020129KB
application/pdfYouth Labour Market Assessment A Labour Market Assessment by Save the Children to identify employment opportunities for Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese youth aged 14 to 19 in five target areas. The objective of this assessment was to collect robust data on job opportunities for youth, barriers to labour market entry, and recruitment practices in the target regions. The02/05/20191MB
application/pdfViews from the LockdownChildren and youth's experience of COVID-19 in Lebanon: a survey by Save the Children.29/05/2020280KB
application/pdfThe Same Moon over SyriaSave the Children Lebanon recently published a book of children’s testimonies and photographs, The Same Moon over Syria: Pictures and Stories by Child Refugees in Lebanon, highlighting some of the voices of Syrian refugee children. The book is part of Save the Children Lebanon’s ongoing mission to empower refugee children to become their own advocates, using such mediums as art, video, photography, poetry and animation to give expression their experiences. For the book project, four groups of 20 children children each attended a week long photography workshops, during which they were taught basic photography skills. They were then each given a camera and were free to document whatever they felt was important or interesting to them within their new environment and as well as the possessions that represented a link to their lives in Syria. 27/11/20146MB
application/pdfThe Fire Risk Reduction AssessmentThe Fire Risk Reduction Assessment of Vulnerable Displaced Syrian Populations and Host Community report is the result of a fire risk reduction consultancy carried out in Lebanon by a team from Operation Florian in July and August 2016. the Assessment was commissioned by Save the Children Lebanon, in collaboration with the Lebanese Civil Defense, in order to make a situation study and needs assessment. The situation of displaced populations in Lebanon has a long and complex history, with different groups seeking asylum in the country at various stages. However, this report is primarily concerned with Syrian displaced people living in Lebanon since the beginning of the crisis in 2012.There is a specific focus on those living in informal settlements and sub-standard buildings, with some reference to those living in urban settings alongside host communities. The following analysis and recommendations are designed to help key government and humanitarian sector stakeholders to work together to make improvements in all aspects of fire risk reduction.10/07/20172MB
application/pdfSharing a word with their world- ArabicSave the Children media and communications work in Lebanon. Arabic edition30/08/20185MB
application/pdfSharing a word with their worldSave the Children Lebanon media and communications work in Lebanon. 30/08/20185MB
application/pdfSave the Children Annual Report- 2017 ArabicSave the Children Lebanon Annual Report 2017. Arabic edition30/08/20185MB
application/pdfSave the Children Annual Report- 2017Save the Children Lebanon's Annual Report- 2017 English edition30/08/20185MB
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